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About Us

Here at Hookers and Weed, we believe very strongly that a cold beer, great music and good old fashioned work ethic can make the world a more peaceful and amazing place.

We have built our company’s brand around two super hero-like characters, J.J. Hookers and Willow B. Weed. The childhood friends grew up in Nashville Tennessee, playing the guitar, singing with friends, and dreaming of a life of music, and a world of peace and happiness. 

They grew up to be strong and beautiful, and set out to pursue their musical talents. Along the journey, they embraced their entrepreneurial spirit, and the girls started their own craft beer business named after themselves: Hookers and Weed. Quickly JJ and Willow realized that they could combine their talent for making exceptional beer with their talent for making music, and set out to make their community a better place by fighting crime.

As you follow their story, you will see this “dynamic duo” pull up to crime scenes and diffuse the situation by distributing cold beer and playing their music. 

Follow carefully as JJ Hookers and Willow B Weed  continue their mission to spread joy and bring people together with great beer and great music. A friendship for the ages, and the true embodiment of this country’s entrepreneurial spirit with a mission to do what is right and make people happy. Help spread their mission…everything is better with Hookers and Weed!